Prithiviraj Stays Calm | Not Afraid of Failures

Prithviraj not afraid of failures, he just want to make good movies

Prithiviraj Stays Calm | Not Afraid of Failures
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Prithiviraj is a vetren actor who raised the level of Malayalam film industry to a class where it balance with world class films. he quoted on an interview that there is no fear left in me, because i already tasted the bitter of failures. His journey in with films is now at its prime. he is making his on independent production house prithviraj productions and "9 - The Movie" as its first movie. the trailer of the movie 9 is now trending in all platforms. it arised as the most viewed mollywood trailer in the history in a very short span of time. 

Prithviraj is currently busy with his first directional venture "Lucifer" with the complete actor Mohanlal. he also mentioned that if i fail in this directional role, i have nothing to lose because its a debut of me as director. if the film fails or i fails as a director then i will stop direction and concentrate more on acting and productions. The only dream of prithviraj is to do good and unqiue films with unique concepts and elevate the level of indian cinema to a world class level, and he is in that journey. As i write this article, i am sure there is only one man in malayalam film industry can do that, thats Prithiviraj Sukumaran himself. he worked hard and trained hard to get into this position, so its quite sure he will succeed in his dreams.

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