Cheers - Shortfilm Makes A Valuable Statement

Cheers - Shortfilm Directed By Sherin Johnson

Cheers - Shortfilm Makes A Valuable Statement
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"Cheers" - A thought provoking short film based on the much  discussed/relevant topic of the modern era #gender_equality. Cheers was released online on the 27th of July, 2019. Visakh has penned the script of Cheers, based on the storyline developed by Sherin Johnson and the latter has also don the hat of an editor and director. Cheers has also some of the most finest performances of the lead characters portrayed by Ankit Krishna, Abin Raju, Anil P John

Filming 'Cheers' was never a cake walk!  As you could see, a major portion of Cheers was filmed in a single shot! Oh yes, and that was the biggest challenge! As you can imagine, there is always a risk-factor involved while dealing with single shot scenes. If something goes wrong in the end, then the only solution is to go for a 'retake' and when it comes to single-shot filming, things get much more complicated and tedious, as the intended retake is to be done from the beginning! Thus a lot of planning and homework was needed before attempting the single-shot scene. Hence,  in-order to get the things right, we called up the actors along with the crew much before the shoot and made them go through the entire script and we had a rehearsal session that lasted for two days! On the day of the shoot, we were pretty much sure that we would put in our best and we were confident about our product.The shoot commenced at 8 am and  a pack up was announced at 6am on the following day! Oh yes, Cheers was shot in a single day! A short film featuring an extensive single-shot was completed in a single day! Now that's a good rhyme (laughs). Jokes apart,  I must thank my cast and crew for their support. Without their cooperation I wouldnt  have pulled off this!



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