Brock Lesnar To Smackdown Live

The Beast Brock Lesnar is moving to Smackdown Live in Superstar Shakeup

Brock Lesnar To Smackdown Live
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As You all know, after all wrestlemania all the members will be shaked up and splitted to different shows, just to make new storyline, feuds and interesting matches, this is gonna happen tonight and tomorrow on Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live respectively. the main attraction for draft or superstar shakeup is the arrival of brock lesnar to smackdown live. this is only just a speculation, because the smackdown live is taking over by FOX from October 2019 and also FOX is advertising brock lesnar, that created the clouds and rumours that brock is coming to smackdown live, even if he arrives, he will not go for a full time basis, its always like the part time contract. 

Brock lesnar now lost the universal championship to seth rollins on tge grandest stage of them all, the Wrestlemania, last sunday, now the whole audience is waiting for the arrival of the beast to his home. smackdown live is the place where brock lesnar become the brocklesnar, so everyone is waiting to make the smackdown live a hole of pain. lets find out this tuesday on smackdown live.


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