AMOGHAM Portrays the issues in Extramarital affairs

AMOGHAM - Short Released on Vishu 2019

AMOGHAM Portrays the issues in Extramarital affairs
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Extramarital affairs is something very strangely happening on our country. Emotional breakdown is bound to happen when your spouse breaches the trust. Self-esteem and guilt. An extra-marital affair from your partner will deliver a severe blow to your self-esteem and cause guilt for them. Loss of Trust. Breaks a family. Disorientation. Isolation. This is exactly what Director Shaji Kunnicode portrays on his new shortfilm " AMOGHAM" released today.

Niranjan, Director Shaji Kunnicode, Anushree

the film stick on the plot of a family and a woman called ambili whose husband has an extra marital affair. when she came to know about that, she explodes with anger and sadness. the whole story line stick on the issues arise when family members gets involved in the issue. the hero is presented by serial actor Niranjan and heroine role was portrayed by Anushree (Serial actress). The story, screenplay and dialouge was done by Mahitha Bhaskaran, D.O.P Visol Karunagapally, Edited and Directed By Shaji Kunnicode. The film provides a strong message to the public about the extramarital affairs and also the consequences of lifting IPC 497

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Ambili - Amogham


Niranjan in Amogham


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